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Fresh Juice (V/GF/DF/NF)

Selection of Freshly Baked Muffins and Croissants (VEG)

Seasons Finest Sliced Fruits (V/GF/DF/NF)

Individual Fruit Yogurts (VEG/GF/NF)

Scrambled Eggs (GF/NF)

Aged Cheddar, Scallions

Potato Onion Hash Pancake (GF/VEG/NF)

CHOOSE ONE (additional items +$3 each)

Smoked Bacon (NF/GF/DF)

Traditional Pork Breakfast Sausage (NF/GF/DF/NF)

Chicken Apple Sausage (GF/DF/NF)

Turkey Saskatoon Berry Sausage (GF/DF/NF)

Country Style Ham (GF/DF/NF)

CHOOSE ONE (additional items +$3 each)

Cinnamon Scented French toast (VEG/NF)
Maple Syrup, Alberta Rye Chantilly

Belgium Style Waffles (VEG/NF)
Whipped Cream, Berry Compote

Buttermilk Pancakes (VEG/NF)
Canadian Maple Syrup

HC Valentine Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee
Fairmont Lot 35 Teas

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