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In-Room Spa Kits

In-Room Spa Kits

Bring the healing powers of the spa to your guest room and start your experience on arrival. Our In-Room Spa Kits can be delivered to your room, or are available at The Spa. In addition to the below, we have many more In-Room Spa Kits to meet your specific needs.

For more information, or to order your In-Room Spa Kit, please contact us at 780 852 6014 or email us at

Kerstin Florian Spa Products

Mineral Immunity | $239

Boost your immune system and harness the power of magnesium, colloidal silver and calcium in each of these products. Mineral deficiency is becoming more common and it is proven that the best absorption of minerals is through the skin. Exfoliate dull skin with this eucalyptus infused body scrub before bathing in our Mineral Wellness Soak, followed by the Thermal Mineral Shower and Bath Gel. Soothe achy muscles with our Remineralizing Body Crème.

Kerstin Florian Turkish Body Scrub | 11.6 oz
Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak | 16 oz
Kerstin Florian Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel | 13.5 fl oz
Kerstin Florian Remineralizing Body Crème | 4.5 fl oz

Kerstin Florian Spa Products


Reward your body after a day full of adventure. Kerstin Florian’s Mineral Wellness Soak contains over 60 trace minerals including magnesium, colloidal silver and iron to nourish and heal the body. Use the Fub Balm infused with menthol and pine bark to help ease your achy muscles while the Ginger Body Oil can be applied to the skin or in the bath to promote circulation and stimulate tired muscles.

Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak | 16 oz
Kerstin Florian Fub Balm | 4.5 fl oz
Kerstin Florian Ginger Bath & Body Oil | 3.4 fl oz

Jasper spa package - Aromatherapy brand Forest Therapy kit with bath oil and rollerball

Forest Therapy | $163

Dissolve the everyday stresses of urban life and immerse your senses in the healing experience of our Forest Therapy blend inspired by the Japanese art of Forest Bathing, or spending time in nature amongst the trees to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. With oils from flora native to Jasper National Park, this blend includes juniper and pine to clear and calm.

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Shower & Bath Oil | 1.85 fl oz
Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak | 16.0 oz
Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Rollerball | 0.33 fl oz

Jasper spa package - Aromatherapy brand Sweet Dreams kit with bath oil, body oil and rollerball


The ultimate bedtime routine – using calming essential oils of chamomile, ylang ylang and sandalwood, infuse your bath with the Deep Relax Bath Oil. Also known as “sanctuary in a bottle,” you’ll seal in hydration and enhance your relaxation with an application of Relax Body Oil before tucking in under the sheets for an undisturbed sleep. Continue this feeling on the go with the Deep Relax Rollerball.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Shower and Bath Oil | 1.85 fl oz
Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Oil | 3.38 fl oz
Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Rollerball | 0.33 fl oz

Kerstin Florian Spa Products for Hydration


This Kerstin Florian leading duo is sure to quench your skin’s thirst. The Hyaluronic Serum binds 1000 times it’s weight in water to the surface of the skin, while the Rescue Crème seals in the moisture and protects from environmental stressors to soothe redness. Improvement in skin texture is often seen within the first application. Can be used both day and night on your face, neck and décolleté.

Kerstin Florian Correcting Hyaluronic Serum | 1 fl oz
Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Crème | 1.7 fl oz

A Kerstin Florian Fuz Balm and Theragun Mini Massager are displayed

STress Relief | $332

The Theragun mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. Treat yourself to a massage at home, work or on the go with this compact but powerful Theragun mini that goes wherever you do. Soothe stimulated muscles with the cooling and invigorating Kerstin Florian Fub Balm, featuring menthol, rosemary, pine and lavender botanicals to help ease tension and soreness in muscles and joints.

Mini Theragun Massager
Kerstin Florian Fub Balm | 4.5 fl oz

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