Christmas in November

Day 1 – Arrival and Silly Christmas Sweater Reception

When you arrive at Christmas in November, you step into a festive wonderland before the calendar has flipped to December. Venturing towards the mountains you’ll begin to feel the anticipation wash over you as the sight of the iconic “Home for the Holidays” sign and snow-capped peaks that loom in the distance. Check-in is simple, sweet and friendly so that you have more time to spend in your cozy cabin, getting ready for the evening ahead.

The Silly Christmas Sweater Reception is the kickoff to Christmas in November – where gaudy meets glamorous, and tacky takes center stage. Partygoers arrive in the most outrageously adorned sweaters they can find – think blinking lights, reindeer noses, and jingling bells. It’s a celebration of colours and creativity, where the ‘sillier’ your sweater, the better. While laughter and merriment are in abundance, the competition is fierce as everyone vies for the title of best dressed.

After an adventurous day of travel, surely your appetite is prepared for the cocktail style buffet spreads throughout the ballroom. From cozy comfort food with all of the fixings to aromatic spiced cider and mulled wine, every sip and bite transports you to a world of seasonal flavours. However, the true showstopper is the large dessert table, a sweet symphony of holiday treats. Gingerbread men, decadent Yule log cakes, and towers of sugar-dusted cookies are just the beginning. It’s a true winter wonderland of confections, where you can’t help but indulge.

The first night is a playful evening of quirky traditions, where the only rule is to have fun and embrace the spirit of the season with a touch of silliness. Stay late into the evening and find your spot on the dance floor as we celebrate the beginning of Christmas in November.

The Christmas in November VIP experience on Night 1 is a truly magical affair that sets the tone for the event. As a VIP guest your arrival takes place in the VIP check-in lounge. The lounge exudes a warm and cozy ambiance, elevated with delicious treats, mulled wine, sparkling and festive décor. Before the Silly Sweater Reception, VIP guests are treated to a special reception of their own. Here you have the extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with all of the presenters. This intimate encounter allows VIP attendees to gain an exclusive first glimpse into Christmas in November, where the spirit of the season comes to life, and cherished memories are created from the very first moment.

Holiday dessert table

Day 2 – Classes & Holiday Dinner

With the faint echoes of last night’s festivities, it’s time to shake off the remnants of opening night and eagerly embrace day two of Christmas in November. Today, the delightful lineup of chef classes, creative decor demos, and tantalizing tastings awaken the holiday spirit within. In the evening the classic holiday dinner brings us all back together for even more culinary delights and late-night dancing.

Chef Classes

If breakfast wasn’t quite enough, the enticing aroma wafting through the halls as participants gather for chef classes should do the trick. Renowned culinary experts, both local and international, share their culinary secrets, making the morning a delicious start to the day. Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice in the kitchen, these classes are designed to be both informative and full of festive fun.

In one corner, participants are taught the art of creating mouthwatering appetizers that could double as elegant Christmas party offerings. Celebrity Chefs expertly demonstrate the preparation of delectable dishes and holiday-themed canapés. Attendees are not only captivated by the tastes but also inspired and equipped with recipes to try their hand at these creative dishes when they return home.

In another corner of the lodge, baking enthusiasts revel in an array of holiday desserts. Traditional Christmas cookies and cakes took on a modern twist, with chefs incorporating unique ingredients and innovative techniques. The delightful scents of gingerbread cookies, fruitcake, and yule logs filled the lodge, evoking childhood memories of holiday baking with a modern twist.

Crafting Christmas Magic in Marna’s Decor Class

Christmas in November is not just about food and drink; it’s also about creating an ambiance that encapsulates the holiday spirit. Decor classes led by the experts offer insight to this year’s must-have holiday home decor.

Marna, JPL’s garden goddess, hosts her class in the home of her inspiration – the greenhouse. Using a variety of materials, from fragrant evergreens to vibrant ribbons and ornaments, attendees learn how to design wreaths that reflect their personalities and holiday style, elevate their tablescapes and adorn their outdoors with simple holiday additions.

Beer & Charcuterie Master Class

As the day transitions, the time arrives for one of the most anticipated seatings – the beer and charcuterie master class. Hosted by beer sommelier Mark Kondrat and charcuterie expert Peter Keith of Meuwly’s, this session is the perfect blend of education and tasty indulgence.

Attendees are treated to a guided tasting of craft beers, ranging from rich stouts to hoppy IPAs, each paired with a selection of artisanal charcuterie. The master class highlights the art of pairing beer and charcuterie to enhance the flavors and create a symphony for the taste buds.

Holiday Dinner

The holiday dinner at Christmas in November is the ultimate festive gathering. With dishes meticulously crafted to resemble iconic holiday ornaments, the dining experience is nothing short of a work of art where every bite is a taste of the holidays themselves. Live music guides us to our favourite part of the night – back out to the dance floor we go!

As a VIP guest at Christmas in November, you get to enjoy the ultimate privilege: exclusive access to private celebrity chef classes. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a smaller class with more intimate moments filled with insider tips and personal insights from the masters and celebs of the kitchen.

But the perks don’t end there. As a cherished VIP, you are presented with a special signed cookbook, a treasured memento of your culinary adventure.

Day 3 – Classes & Gala Dinner

It’s time for another day of captivating classes, each one adding another layer of festive knowledge to our cherished repertoire. The build up to the grand finale – the cocktail reception and gala dinner.

Cocktail Reception and Gala Dinner

We gather in The Great Hall for a spectacular cocktail reception. Here, we delight in the chance to sample an array of festive cocktails, each one expertly crafted and perfectly capturing the spirit of the season. In the center of the room don’t forget to grab a picture with Santa! After this weekend he definitely knows who is naughty and who is nice.

Then comes the grand finale – the extravagant gala dinner. The tables are adorned with extraordinary centerpieces, and it is a chance to don our most elegant attire as we make our way to our seats.

The highlight of the evening, a tear-jerking performance by the mesmerizing Willows. Their heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring harmonies tug at heartstrings, making the evening truly unforgettable.

As we bid farewell to the event, we leave ready to embrace the holiday season with a newfound sense of wonder and delight.

VIP guests gather for a Signature Cabin pre-party, a dazzling precursor to the extravagant gala dinner. Nestled in the cozy comfort of a rustic cabin, we are treated to an exclusive culinary delight. Here, the celebrity chefs showcase exquisite appetizers and serve you the VIP!

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