The 9 Tips You Need For Global Wellness Day

Join us for Global Wellness Day. It will be hosted on a 24-hour livestream celebration from sunrise to sunset around the globe.

Jasper Park Lodge Global Wellness Day

Happy hour includes free boat and bike rentals for our hotel guests. Take the time to discover the beauty of Lac Beauvert. We recommend completing the loop around the lake using our guide App (RunGO) to learn more about the surrounding mountains, animals, trees and perhaps practice some meditation while canoeing, kayaking, or pedal boating.

Take part in the festivities by heading down to the boathouse to take a picture for Global Wellness Day. There will be props for you to showcase your creatively of what Global Wellness Day means to you.

What if we recharged ourselves as much as we do our phones?

Wellness tips

Global Wellness Day is the perfect time to take a moment to stop and reflect on the world around you. Our team is supporting the countdown to the Global Wellness Day with tips and tricks on how to ensure you put your wellness first. We welcome you to experience the healing powers of Jasper and the Lodge.

The following suggestions do not have be performed in any order.

Wellness Tip #1

Take a walk (60 minutes or longer) – Have you been to Old Fort Point? An iconic hike that is just a short distance from the Lodge. You can walk or bike to the base of the hike and then explore the trails in the area. We recommend finding your way to the top for a great view of the entire town of Jasper and the valley.

Your brain secretes endorphins while you are walking and helps the body stay fit and strong. So get moving! Take advantage of our many trails around Jasper Park Lodge to get those endorphins flowing!

Wellness Tip #2

Drink more water, and glow from the inside to out. Maintaining balanced body temperature, a clear mind and glowing skin are a few of many reasons to keep hydrated with clean water throughout the day. Drink our delicious glacial water right from the taps in your hotel room.

If you have not heard about the glacial water in Jasper, we will let you in on the secret. Maligne Lake is fed by glaciers tens of thousands of years old and it flows through a karst system travelling 14km to become your glacial fresh drinking water at Jasper Park Lodge. Talk about fresh!

Wellness Tip #3

Remember the planet needs to be shown some love too. One way you can do your part is through the reduction of your usage of plastic, starting with water bottles.

Between eliminating plastic items, upgrading our recycling stations, switching to compostable, wherever possible, and working with suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging, the hotel is ensuring that the surrounding pristine beauty of Jasper National Park will be preserved for generations.

In addition to removing plastic straws and plastic cups, one of the hotel’s proudest accomplishments is the near-complete elimination of plastic water bottles across the entire resort. The hotel has gifted each of our staff members their own reusable water bottle, eliminated all to-go cups from the staff cafeteria and only offers pitchers of water at staff orientation. We offer guests water pitchers at conferences & events, and only use compostable cups at our spa and gym. Instead of water bottles in their fridge, guests will find stunning blue water glasses which encourage them to drink our fresh glacier water straight from the tap.

Through the simple action of promoting our fresh drinking water (see Wellness Tip #2), the hotel has managed to avoid using of tens of thousands of bottles each year! Our hope is that one day, we will have eliminated all single-use plastic from both guest areas and staff operations to become a plastic-free resort!

Wellness Tip #4

Properly nourish your body. The Emerald Lounge has mouthwatering salads full of fresh ingredients to help fuel your day. Consuming foods high in antioxidants and vitamins will boost your immune system. Try our Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad for a colorful meal that is great for your body. Check out the Emerald Lounge menu.

Wellness Tip #5

Be an anonymous part of someone’s story and pass along a random act of kindness. Buy someone’s coffee, pick up that piece of trash or however you want to give back. A little love can go a long ways in making the world a better place to live.

Wellness Tip #6

Make the time to have dinner with loved ones. Spending time with those that you love reduces stress and increases endorphins. Eat a dinner with your loved ones where, if possible, where there are no smart phones and TV. Talk about your day, practice active listening and let the stress of the world melt away.

Wellness Tip #7

Prioritize sleep. Sleep is a critical process where our body repairs and heals itself. It helps to slow down ageing and protects us from disease. Under the stars, in the second largest dark sky preserve, let the peace and quiet that surrounds the Jasper Park Lodge rock you into a heightened state of relaxation. You will melt into the fluffy white duvet and drift off into dreamland.

Wellness Tip #8

Find yourself at one with nature, and let the greens roll away any stress you might have (golf is as stressful as you let it be).

The course was designed with natural beauty first and the game second. Stanley Thompson carved fairways from the surrounding forests, giving top priority to the natural contours of the mountains. As a result, the par 71 course features elevated tee boxes, dramatic bunkers and vistas that scan the surrounding mountain peaks. A stunning natural setting, combined with unparalleled bunkering, makes The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club in Alberta a “must play” course and is definitely worth the journey to Jasper! You might even get a glimpse a few locals taking in the beauty too (Bears, elk, and other wildlife. Please remember to keep your distance).

On a course that hugs snow-capped mountains, meanders past glacial-fed lakes and wanders through a wildlife corridor featuring elk, caribou, bears and wolves you will find peace of mind.

Wellness Tip #9

Pay a visit to the spa and slip into a wellness state of mind.

The spas treatment of the month is focusing on you with the ANDA Vital Nutrient Facial. It will envelop skin and soul in a restorative refuge that allows both to renew, transform and strengthen. After nourishing the spirit with self-love meditation, multi-function organic products rich in adaptogenic vital nutrients you will visibly see revitalization of the skin. It is followed by a massage cleanse, paired masques and custom ANDA product blend that are enhanced with a specialized Gua Sha techniques and dynamic structured water elixir to provide proven results.

If you prefer to get your R&R in your room, we have in-room spa kits. This month we are featuring, ANDA Luxury Regimen In-Room Spa Kit – the ultimate in organic luxury. This regimen includes a hybrid gel-oil cleanser to melt away impurities. It is followed by the Coherence Elixir, which is a magnetically structured water that energizes skin cells, prepping for the rose hip infused Vital Essence Serum. Finish off with a moisture quench from the Super Nutrient Balm that is jam packed with adaptogens to promote cell rejuvenation. All ANDA products are cruelty-free and vegan and made with sustainable materials with responsibly-sourced packaging holding the mantra, “skin-friendly, animal-friendly, earth-friendly.” Skincare for all skin types and those who are looking for the ultimate self-love.

“One day, can change your whole life!”

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