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Canapes & Shareables

Cozy cabin events with your favorite cold and hot platters.

Choose from a variety of cold displays including crudité, shellfish and sandwiches. Or a mouthwatering display of hot dishes including lamb chops, bison sliders or grilled cheese bites.


Reservations for orders should be made 24 hours in advance with concierge. Please contact us at Please note, these dining packages are available to those staying in a Luxury Signature Cabins.

Cold display | Platters

Crudite Platter | $130
Carrot, Cucumber and Celery Spears,
Heirloom Gem Tomatoes,
Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets,
Hummus and Garlic Ranch Dipping Sauces

Shellfish Platter | $290
16-ounce king crab leg
Jumbo shrimp | 12 pc
Lobster tails halves | 04 pc
Wine Steamed Mussels | 20 pc
Mignonette, Cocktail Sauces. Lemon Wedges

Selection of Finger Sandwiches | $130
Vegan Salad, Egg and Prosciutto Salad,
Ham & Cheese, Cucumber Cream Cheese

Fresh Fruit Platter | $180
Season’s best market fruits, melons and berries

Hot display | per 24 pieces

Charred Alberta Lamb Chops | $130
Garlic – Mint Yogurt

Alberta Beef | $136
Aged Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Aioli

Bison Slider | $156
Aged Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Aioli

Crispy Pork Wings | $120
Roasted Apple – Maple Dip

Truffle Grilled Cheese Bites | $82
Spiced Ketchup

Vegetable Spring Rolls | $92
Sweet Chili Sauce

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