Our Top Recommendations To #Secretseason

Why a secret, you ask? It’s is simple, really, #secretseason is when you want to visit the Lodge, but the spring is an untold secret of the locals. You will melt away into the blissful silence of the mountains with only the birds chirping. Wake up and smell the coffee as we will deliver breakfast to you, in bed. Once you have started your day off right, then choose the adventure of your liking.

Relish in Relaxation

If you’re the relaxing type our spa is the perfect place to catch up on your much needed, and deserved, R&R. The only decision you need to make is whether or not you want to go to the spa or have it brought to your room. Our spa is equipped with in-room spa kits that will have you wondering why you ever leave your room on vacation. However, if you’re feeling like leaving it to the experts. Our highly-trained spa technicians will send you spiraling into spaaaaaaaa bliss. You will feel the tension leave your muscles even if you decide to not leave your room.

Follow a sensational spa experience with a treat from one of our high-quality restaurants on-site. The picture windows let in unbelievable light and our delectable cuisine and cocktails will warm you from the inside out.

Finish your day with a stroll around Lac Beauvert taking in the post-card views of Signal and Pyramid Mountain. Can you say relaxed?

Move with the Mountains

If you’re feeling an adventure we always have you covered. You can start your day with a breakfast in bed or head up to the Main Lodge for a little grab-n-go. Whatever your heart fancies.

We’re sure if you’re a Jasper veteran you have seen all the go-to sights including Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls and Malgine Canyon. However, we recommend checking them out again. This time of year presents the opportunity to as watch these majestic falls start to melt you get to see the beginning of the winter wonderland start to give way to new life and springtime.

If you’re feeling up for a hike, we recommend staying lower in the valley as the higher you get the more snow you will encounter. A couple to get you started are:

Easy | old fort point circuit | 3.8 km | dog friendly

A local’s favourite, Old Fort Point, is a quick jaunt to the summit (30 minutes) or you can take the long road and do the full loop. There are trail signs located at the base, make sure to check them before trekking out.

Moderate | overlander trail | 15.5 km one-way | dog friendly

Overlander Trail is a get way to explore the valley, either by foot or bike. You can park a vehicle at either the north or south trailhead, and drive the other around to the opposite end for a hike to your vehicle. This trail can be accessed easily from the Lodge as it is a short drive up Maligne Lake Road. Choose your level of activity from a short hike taking in the open views and meadows to a full day of hiking (31 KM).

Hard | whistlers trail | 15.4 km | dog friendly

Best used between March until October, this trail a travelers favourite. We would suggest going one way and riding the tram the other way (opens March 26, 2021). This mountain peak can be viewed from almost anywhere in town or at the Lodge and showcases views of the entire valley. Ask our concierge team about the best time of day to head up to this hike.

Days spent in the mountain, feed the soul and empty the belly. End your day with an intimate dinner fireside in the Emerald Lounge or handmade pasta at Orso Trattoria*.

*Please check with concierge for availability and reservations.

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