Skiing In Jasper National Park

When you think of winter, you think of snow. And the great thing about snow is it welcomes back the ski season. Whether you enjoy downhill, cross-country or skate skiing, Jasper has something for everybody.

Embracing the Perfect Ski Conditions

As winter unfolds its icy embrace, avid skiers and snow enthusiasts find themselves drawn to the pristine slopes, seeking the thrill of gliding down hills blanketed in fresh, powdery snow. The conditions are nothing short of perfect – ski hills adorned with a thick layer of snow and the joyous absence of long lines and wait times, allowing skiers to maximize their time on the slopes and indulge in the pure pleasure of the season.

So, if you’re a winter sports enthusiast yearning for the perfect ski day, Marmot Basin is the ski hill for you – where the snow is plentiful, the slopes are pristine, and the only lines you’ll encounter are the ones you draw in the powder as you carve your way through a winter wonderland. Embrace the magic of winter and let the mountains be your playground in a season that promises nothing short of blissful adventure.

Pro Tip: You can find the best powder days between Monday and Thursday, ensuring fewer crowds and more space for unforgettable mountain moments.

Downhill Skiing Around the Park

Marmot Basin ski resort is Jasper’s ski hill with more than 1,675 acres of skiable terrain. Marmot offers skiing for everyone from the earliest beginner to the most demanding expert. Along with 86 named trails, uncrowded groomed slopes, superb facilities, there is lots and lots of that white stuff that makes skiing at Marmot so great. The ski hill is 20 minutes from Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, and daily shuttles are available.

Ski Touring Around the Park

The winter wonderland offers endless views on the ski hill, but many have yet to explore the backcountry. There is powder to be found and terrain to be explored. Jasper National Park offers a variety of backcountry experiences from short day trips to multi-day glacier adventures. Untracked powder awaits; learn more below and book your next tour.

Ski Touring
Ski Touring

Please note: the backcountry experiences can be more dangerous and Parks Canada advises that you prepare accordingly. Please review their ski touring, alpine ski touring, and ski mountaineering guide as a benchmark for preparation for your trip.

Cross-country Ski Around the Park

Jasper National Park is the perfect place to dust off those cross-country skis to glide around the park as the snow glitters around you. Cross-country skiing is the winter ‘hike’ that you want to experience. It is the perfect thing to do before cozying up with that cup of hot cocoa (or mulled wine) in front of the roaring fireplace.

Whirlpool Trail to Moab Lake
Whirlpool Trail to Moab Lake

Parks Canada does an excellent job of decoding the trails around Jasper. They have broken it out into three categories mirroring that of downhill skiing, and you will find green trails are the easier, black is the hardest and blue is somewhere in the middle.

Please note the below information was presented by Parks Canada in their Jasper National Park Winter Trails Guide and on their website. Maps and more information to be found on their guide.

Green Trails


  • Various loop options
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Not pet friendly

Meander through open meadows, along historic railway beds and highways past. These easy ski trails are suited for all ages and abilities. Enjoy the warming hut or the group fire pit after a fine day out. Welcome to Decoigne.

Whistlers Campground

  • Various loop options
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Not pet friendlyvarious loop options
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Not pet friendly

This trail is ideal for beginners and families, or for those looking for a conditioning track. Take a break at one of the ski-in fire sites in Marmot Meadows for a wiener roast or a campfire sing-along!
Contact the JNP Information Centre for potential construction in area.

Pipeline Trail

  • 5.5 km one way
  • Classic cross-country skiers welcome
  • Pet friendly

Gentle terrain, with subtle ups and downs. It is often a few degrees colder here.

Wabasso Campground

  • Outer loop: 3.6 km
  • Internal loop (from west to east)
  • A: 0.7 km, b: 0.6km, c: 0.7km, d: 0.8 km
  • Classic cross-country and skate skies welcome
  • Pet friendly

Popular with families and dogs, this area provides a medley of options for all ski enthusiasts. Gentle terrain, with a beautiful section of classic trail alongside the Athabasca River.

Blue Trails

Whirlpool Trails

  • 9.0 km one way
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Pet friendly

Gentle terrain brings you from the parking lot to a junction at km 2.0–stay right and continue along this easy section until km 5.8, where the terrain begins to roll. Beyond this point the snow tends to improve as you climb towards Moab Lake.

Leach Lake Trail

  • 10.5 km one way
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Not pet friendly

Also known as the sunny side, this trail brings you to sparkling Leach Lake. Near Athabasca Falls, you’ll be rewarded with dramatic views of Mount Hardisty and Kerkeslin.

Black Trails

Geraldine Road

  • 5.9 km one way
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Not pet friendly

This winding road definitely has its ups and downs. You’ll build up a sweat as you climb, but don’t forget to bring an extra layer for the ski down towards Mt. Kerkeslin, which will have you “yipping” all the way.

Pyramid Fire Road

  • 15 km return
  • Classic cross-country and skate skiers welcome
  • Pet friendly

As you travel along the shoulder of Pyramid Mountain, you may want to catch your breath at one of the recommended rest stops, only to have it taken away by the stunning views.

Jasper in Every Season

shot of lake and mountains during fall
people skating on an ice path on a frozen lake
baby bear cub in tall grassy field

Our friendly and knowledgeable Concierge team would be delighted to assist you in planning your upcoming stay. For further assistance, please contact the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Concierge desk at 780-852-3301 or email: [email protected].

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