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I wake up to the warm rays streaming through the window, the sun glistening off the snow in the distance. “Look,” my husband whispers. “There’s a deer right outside our window!” Our day was off to the most magical start and it wasn’t even 8am. 

As travel writers and content creators, my husband Matt and I love exploring new places and finding that special something in the destinations we visit. This winter, we returned to Jasper Park Lodge for the third time and had the pleasure of staying in the Stanley Thompson Cabin, one of the hotel’s iconic Signature Cabins which are perfect for those extra special occasions. Here’s a glimpse into what a day in this beautiful cabin looks like and how you can fully make the most of all it has to offer. 

A golden retriever sits outside the front of Stanley Thompson, a log style signature cabin at Jasper Park Lodge
A woman smiles as she holds a cup of coffee in her hand outside in the winter at Jasper Park Lodge

A Day in the Life in Stanley Thompson Cabin


By the time I’d boiled the kettle and thrown on my winter warmers, there were 8 deer chilling out in the garden outside our cabin. Aside from the stunning design and decor, one of the best things about this cabin is the location. Tucked away at the edge of the Jasper Park Lodge property, the cabin is surrounded by lush greenery and overlooks the golf course, which in the winter is closed off to the public, becoming a wildlife corridor for elk, deer, moose, bears and more. With the floor-to-ceiling windows, you don’t even need to brave the cold on the patio – you can cozy up in the living room by the wood burning fireplace and watch the wildlife go by right from your sofa. It’s pretty special!  

After getting acquainted with the local wildlife (and admiring from a safe distance, of course), we took our not-so-wild pup Fino for a walk around the surrounding lakes. The Furrmont is very dog-friendly and pups are spoiled with a plush dog bed, treats and dog bowls for their stay. I love that Jasper Park Lodge is integrated into nature, and there are lots of trails to explore either on foot, on bike, snowshoe or cross-country ski depending on the season (rentals are available at the Winter Activity Centre). Jasper Park Lodge is the only hotel I’ve seen to offer a dedicated pet menu as well and they really give a warm welcome to furry friends.

A golden retriever dog climbs onto the lap of a woman leaning again a wooden railing of her patio at her Signature Cabin at Jasper Park Lodge. Snow covers the ground while trees and mountains appear behind her.
A woman and golden retriever sit on the couch looking towards the burning fireplace while sun streams in the ceiling high windows of Stanley Thompson cabin at Jasper Park Lodge.

For lunch, we took it al fresco and had a champagne picnic basket delivered from Fitzhugh’s Fine Foods to enjoy in the sunshine in our garden. The great thing about the Stanley Thompson cabin is that it can be as self-sufficient as you like. During your stay, you’re assigned a wonderful Personalized Concierge team to assist with whatever you need, whether that’s a fully stocked fridge, breakfast in bed, firewood and s’mores for the fire pit, a chef’s dinner or literally anything else. Or, you can cook your own meals & relax in total privacy, with your Personalized Concierge team on hand just a quick text away.

Since the Stanley Thompson Cabin is set away from the main building, it’s easy to forget you’re still within hotel grounds and how many hotel amenities there are to enjoy. We headed to the Fairmont Spa and on a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing nicer than warming up in the hot tub with a view of the snowy mountains ahead. It’s unbelievable how the landscapes change in winter – on our last trip in fall we were paddle boarding around the crystal clear Lac Beauvert in the sunshine, and it looked entirely different! Jasper offers a completely different experience depending on the time of year, and shoulder season months are great times to visit for less crowds and more affordable rates. 


A woman gets ready to going into a steaming outdoor pool at Jasper Park Lodge in the winter while snow is on the ground and mountains appear in the background.
A couple sitting around a fire with their golden retriever in camp chairs, snow covers the ground in the yard of a Signature Cabin at Jasper Park Lodge

With 4 bedrooms, our Stanley Thompson Cabin was far too roomy for just the three of us and we decided to gather a few friends and make the most of the Signature Cabin Dining Experiences. We’d put our Personalized Concierge team to the task earlier in the day and they organized an evening of amazing food, wine and s’mores for us with our own private chef who came and cooked it all in our kitchen! We returned to the cabin and got ourselves ready, put some music on the house speaker and the Personalized Concierge team did the rest. 



Friends laugh while sitting in the living rooms with drinks in their hands at Stanley Thompson Cabin at Jasper Park Lodge.

Our guests arrived and our chef whipped up an incredible Bavarian feast with roasted pork, cheese fondue and beef goulash with numerous delicious sides and it was the perfect hearty dinner to enjoy on a winter evening. The Personalized Concierge team was phenomenal and took care of laying the tables, keeping the wine flowing and clearing everything up so we could sit back and enjoy our time together. We finished off the evening with s’mores around the fireplace and I couldn’t help but think how incredible it’d be to bring our families here to celebrate a special occasion together. The design of the Stanley Thompson Cabin is stunning. It’s modern, bright, cozy and spacious and it’d be the perfect setting for a special birthday, anniversary celebration or even an intimate elopement wedding! 

A Chef places dishes onto the table of Stanley Thompson Cabin at Jasper Park Lodge. The table is covered in different meals and dishes.
A top view of a table covered in different food and dishes at Jasper Park Lodge.

My husband ran me a bath (the soaker tubs are divine!), we topped up the fire with more firewood and curled up on the sofa with Fino before it was time to retreat to our heavenly cloud bed. Our stays at Jasper Park Lodge are always special and it’s the perfect blend of nature and outdoors with luxury and home comforts. But the Signature Cabins like the Stanley Thompson really are another level of special, and the wonderful team can help to bring any grand ideas you have to life! 

Stanley Thompson Cabin at Jasper Park Lodges glows in the night with red Christmas lights. The sky is covered in stars and the camping chairs sit in the snow.

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