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Tips from the Pros at Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

Tips from the Pros at Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

Walk or ride the 18 holes at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. From the moment you step onto the course you will be surrounded by the beauty of Jasper National Park. As you navigate your way around the course, you will notice the contrasting blues of Lac Beauvert to the shamrock greens and the rocky showcase of the looming mountains, every hole boosts a 360 degree view.

Designed by Stanley Thompson the Jasper Park Lodge Golf course is the perfect way to spend an afternoon for a seasoned golfer or a beginner alike.

Our course not only hosts some of the best views in the Canadian Rockies, but our best in class golf professionals are happy to offer any tips or tricks to help you improve your game.  Below are their favourites to help guests elevate their game. A personal favourite and for some reason they forgot to mention it, is for a quick stop at the 7th Tee for a hot dog and your beverage of choice.

  1. Make sure you master your 200 yard club as this could be a long iron, hybrid or wood. You will be able to use this club of choice on the par 3s, par 4s, and sometimes reaching the par 5s in two.
  2. Even though it is tough to keep your head down as you look at the mountains all around you, it is important to keep your body in the correct posture as it is rare to find a flat lie.
  3. With the course being surrounded by mountains, you will be able to find most putts break away from Signal Mountain to Pyramid Mountain.
  4. With Stanley Thompson’s creativity designing of the golf course, make sure you use course management wisely to avoid the bunkers, as many have high lips to mimic the mountain range in front of you.
  5. Before your round, hitting practice putts is crucial, as lag putting followed by a short 3 footer is common here in Jasper as the greens can be quite large.

Sun, golf and stunning views is the best way to kick off the sunny season right. We are formally inviting you to join us this year on the green.

PS you might even get the chance to meet a couple of locals*.

*Native to the park are Elk, Bears, Sheep, and more. Please remember to keep your distance from all wildlife when visiting the park.

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