Pride Party – Studio 24

Imagine a place where rainbows shine brighter and the music beats louder. Studio 24 isn’t just a party; it’s a vibrant tribute to the courage and beauty of the 2SLGBTQI+ community, a dazzling dreamscape where the bold and the beautiful, the rebels and the dreamers dance under the same disco ball.  

Welcome to Studio 24; a fever dream of excess, a kaleidoscope of glitz and glam, inclusivity, and dazzling self-expression, where every corner holds a new fantasy waiting to be discovered.  

As you step through our doors, you’ll be swept into a euphoric escape where the music pulsates through the air, beckoning you to the dance floor. Witness spectacular performances that blur the lines between audience and performer, inviting you into a world where anything goes.  

Indulge in themed cocktails, dance with strangers, and lounge with new friends for a night you’ll never forget.  

 Dress Code: 

This is your invitation to dazzle, to embody the essence of disco. Think sequins, satins, feathers and leather. Be bold, be beautiful, be whoever you’ve always dreamed of being. This is your night to shine. 

Get On The List: 

Ready to join the most exclusive party this Pride? Your invitation to euphoria awaits. Dress up, show up, and prepare to experience a night like no other.  

Mark your calendars, gather your squad, and get ready to dive into the disco dream of Studio 24. It’s time to celebrate pride, love, and the disco spirit that unites us all. See you under the disco ball! 

Location: Jasper Park Lodge
Time: April 20th: 7:30PM - 2:00AM

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