ROAM with Jasper Park Lodge

Inspired by Glacial Shores

In the heart of the majestic Jasper National Park, a new candle creation is born through a harmonious collaboration between the iconic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and ROAM The Brand. Named Beauvert, this candle is more than just a fragrant addition to your living space; it pays homage to the iconic Lac Beauvert, a central element of the resort’s identity. Whether you’ve explored the Rockies firsthand or dreamt of distant mountain escapes, Beauvert captures those moments within its crackling wooden wick.

The candle draws inspiration from the pristine glacial waters and its green hues. Just as the candle’s fragrance evokes memories of the Canadian Rockies, its name brings to mind the captivating allure of this iconic natural lake. Each time you light Beauvert, you not only infuse your space with the invigorating scents of juniper, fir, and sage but are transported back to the time you spent on the shores of Lac Beauvert.

A Symphony of Juniper, Fir and Sage

The Beauvert candle captures the essence of the region with a carefully curated blend of juniper berry, balsam fir, and calming sage. Each element of this aromatic symphony contributes to the overall experience, reminiscent of the crisp mountain air, the woodsy fragrance of the evergreen forests, and the herbal notes that characterize the native flora. Made with eco-friendly coconut apricot wax, the Beauvert candle aligns with our ongoing commitment to sustainability. The luxury candle features a crackling wooden wick, reminiscent of the cozy fireplace at Jasper Park Lodge, adding a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your home.

Indigenous Warrior Women Plant Walk

The creation of Beauvert was supported by Matricia Bauer, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper and owner of Warrior Women who led us on a Plant Walk around the 700-acre property of Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Her deep connection to the land and profound knowledge of traditional plant benefits played a pivotal role in discovering the perfect blend of scents for the candle.

The Plant Walk, a guided exploration of the local plant life, was an eye-opening experience that provided understanding of the plants that would eventually lend their essence to Beauvert. From juniper bushes to towering fir trees and the aromatic sagebrush, every plant told a story deeply rooted in the thriving flora of the region.

The collaboration with Matricia not only enriched the creation of the Beauvert candle but also fostered a deeper connection to the earth through the lens of indigenous studies. Matricia’s teachings emphasized the importance of sustainability, respect for nature, and the sacred relationship between the land and its inhabitants.

Illuminate Your Space with Purpose

Beyond its enchanting fragrance, Beauvert is a candle with a purpose. In support of the journey towards Truth & Reconciliation, 5% of profits from every Beauvert candle sold will be donated to Warrior Women, an organization that provides authentic Indigenous experiences, education and impactful change within the community.

Take Home ‘Beauvert’

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s luxury candle is the perfect keepsake to cherish the moments that create lasting memories. Beauvert is exclusively available for purchase at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

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