Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is not only a sanctuary for those seeking outdoor adventures but also a haven for those who appreciate the enchanting beauty of the night sky. Whether you’re attending the Symphony Under the Stars concert, gazing at the auroras in the Dark Sky Preserve, or celebrating the Summer Solstice, Jasper offers adventures that truly illuminate the night in spectacular fashion.

Symphony Under the Stars: A Harmonious Night Sky Concert

Imagine sitting under a canopy of twinkling stars, surrounded by towering mountains, as the melodious notes of a symphony orchestra fill the crisp mountain air. This is the magical experience offered at our Symphony Under the Stars concert, performance by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Every October, this unique event brings together the beauty of music and the splendor of the night sky.

The outdoor concert takes place in a natural amphitheater, where the breathtaking backdrop of the Rockies becomes the stage for talented musicians. As the music plays, the stars overhead seem to dance in tune, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or simply seeking a moment of ‘awe’, Symphony Under the Stars is a celestial celebration that transcends the ordinary.

2024 Tickets Coming Soon!

Symphony Under the Stars stage set up across Lac Beauvert with mountains and stars in the background.
Orchestra stage set up with lights dangling from the top at Symphony Under the Stars

Auroras in the Dark Sky Preserve: Nature’s Dazzling Light Show

Jasper National Park is designated as a Dark Sky Preserve, meaning it’s committed to minimizing light pollution and preserving the natural darkness of the night sky. This dedication has turned Jasper into a prime location for witnessing the awe-inspiring auroras, commonly known as the Northern Lights.

When the conditions are right, the night sky above Jasper is transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors. The ethereal glow of the auroras reflects off the pristine mountain landscapes, creating a surreal and almost otherworldly atmosphere. Visitors flock to Jasper for a chance to witness this celestial light show, a testament to the park’s commitment to preserving the magic of the night.

Want to learn more about the art of Aurora Chasing? Plan your dark sky adventure!

auroras at night at Lac Beuvert

Summer Solstice in Jasper National Park: Embracing the Sun’s Longest Day

As the days grow longer and the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, Jasper National Park comes alive with the celebration of the Summer Solstice. Marking the longest day of the year, June 20th is an occasion to revel in the abundance of daylight and the natural beauty that surrounds.

During the summer months in Jasper National Park, the extended daylight hours create a magical atmosphere, allowing visitors to do and see more than ever before. With the sun lingering on the horizon well into the evening, outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in extended hiking adventures, capturing stunning sunset views over the rugged mountain peaks. The prolonged daylight also provides ample time for wildlife enthusiasts to spot elusive creatures that come alive during the golden hours. The longer days become an invitation to explore, appreciate, and immerse oneself in the breathtaking beauty of this pristine wilderness well into the in the evening hours.

Two men stand on a rock overlooking the mountain range of old for point in Jasper National Park.

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