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Have you heard of the red chairs in Jasper?

Have you heard of the red chairs in Jasper?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that we are sharing the trails with the wildlife, bikers, horseback riders and other hikers. Respect the trails and share the space in Jasper National Park.

The red chairs are a great way to explore the national park. They are spread out throughout and provide a thoughtful and insight overview of the locals favourite spots.

Old Fort Point

The red chairs in Jasper National Park are iconic in Jasper National Park. A great way to tour around the park to see the must-see sights and take the beauty of the nature. Starting closest to the Lodge is the red chair at Old Fort Point. A short hike from the lodge will bring you to the first red chair, this chair is on the Old Fort Point. You have the choice of whether or not you want to hike in and out to the chair or take the full loop. If you make it to the top, the sites of the Town of Jasper are breathtaking from this vista.

Lower Maligne Lake Picnic Area

The second closest to the Lodge is the Lower Maligne Picnic Area. A stunning drive up Maligne Lake Rd. you will take in forested views, passing by Maligne Canyon, Medicine Lake and ending at Maligne Lake. Maligne Lake boosts turquoise blue waters that reflect the magnificent Rocky Mountains for all onlookers. At the lake there are plenty of activities in the summer, including renting boats, hikes, a waffle house and more. Our team  is happy to help you plan the perfect picnic in the mountains, pick your picnic favourites and our team will pack the basket for you.

Valley of the Five Lakes

As the name states, there are five lakes to explore during this hike (or bike, whatever you fancy). The brilliant blue of the lakes with the views of the mountains surrounding will take your breath away.

See the full list of Red Chairs.

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