Thankful for a Jasper Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the Lodge

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Jasper National Park, a true Canadian gem awaits you this Thanksgiving weekend. We invite you to embark on a journey of warmth, togetherness, and culinary delights in the heart of nature’s splendor. Autumn in Jasper is nothing short of exceptional – follow the scent of fresh cider to the Lodge because this year the festivities are more bountiful than ever.

Embrace the festive spirit with an array of exciting activities suitable for all ages. Take a leisurely stroll by the tranquil shores of Lac Beauvert, breathe in the crisp mountain air, or simply unwind by the crackling fireplace in the cozy confines of the Lodge. Indulge in a feast fit for royalty as our culinary artisans present a carefully curated Thanksgiving spread that pays homage to seasonal flavors and local ingredients. This year is all about savoring the richness of the season and the company of those you love.

Pursuit of the Perfect Pumpkin

Let the pursuit of the perfect pumpkin be an enchanting prelude to the season’s festivities. Wake up with the sun a delightful quest awaits! In true Pumpkin Picking fashion, break out your favorite flannel and step into the brisk autumn air. Master the art of selecting the finest pumpkin for your seasonal celebrations and head to the JPL Pumpkin Patch bright and early. Are you ambitious and heading right for the biggest gourd of them all? Or are you modest and trusting that the creativity of your carve will be enough to wow the judges? Do you embrace lumps, ridges and bumps or do you favor the flawless, plump and smooth? Go in with a plan and be mindful in your harvest because the prized pick will make all the difference in your final creation. Embrace the nostalgia, create cherished memories, and celebrate the beauty of autumn with the harvest’s crowned jewel – the carefully chosen, perfect pumpkin.

A bunch of orange pumpkins on straw on a pumpkin patch

The Fall-apollooza!

It’s a Fall-apollooza! We’ve sprinkled pumpkin spice and everything nice around the Mary Schaffer Ballroom to transform it into a grand fall festival for the Thanksgiving Weekend. Join us in embracing the joy of the season, as we come together for pumpkin-themed games, heartwarming laughter, and the perfect photo op to commemorate this special time of year.

Pumpkin Bowling
Roll into the holiday spirit with a twist on the classic game of bowling. Strike up a game with the fam and make bets on who will be first to get a Turkey. Just be sure to stay out of the gutters!

Gather ’round our life-sized tic tac toe board, where pumpkins and gourds take the place of X’s and O’s. Challenge your friends and family to a strategic showdown as you plot your moves to secure three in a row.

Pumpkin Carving
Unleash your inner artist and delve into the tradition of pumpkin carving! Our carving station is equipped with all the tools you need to transform ordinary pumpkins into extraordinary works of art. From spooky faces to intricate designs, let your imagination run wild and watch as your pumpkins come to life with the warm glow of candlelight. Will you be the star of the crop? Up for grabs is the title of Most Creative, Spookiest and Guest Choice.

Picture-Perfect Moments
Strike a pose with our towering pumpkin displays, rustic hay bales, and captivating autumn decor. Our dedicated photo spots are designed to capture the essence of the season, providing you with picturesque backdrops for timeless keepsakes.

Stay for the Stuffing!

Dining experiences are the cornerstone of any holiday celebration and Thanksgiving calls for sit-down family meals that leave you feeling utterly stuffed and perfectly happy.

Rise and shine to a lavish spread at Thanksgiving Brunch. The Nook brings upon all the brunch favorites with festive flavours with a buffet, complemented by your choice of one of three special menu items of Lobster Egg Benedict, Souffle Pancakes or Steak & Eggs.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet takes place in the grand Beauvert Ballroom overlooking the sprawling Lac Beauvert and an exceptionally framed view of Pyramid Mountain. The assortment features mouthwatering classics like Chef Carved Alberta Turkey, Slow Roasted Prime Rib and a variety of fresh seafood options. Stack your plate with delectable sides like Sage Stuffing drizzled in Homemade Gravy and finish off with the perfect piece of Pumpkin Pie!

Table scape of turkey dinner
table scape of brunch

Your Last Swing or Sail

The seasons are changing and that chill you feel in the air is our sign to sunset some of our favorite summer activities and make way for the winter fun that is just around the corner. Thanksgiving Weekend is not only the best but also the last weekend to get in your final swing or sail.

Tidy up those tees and bid that ball a farewell on your final putt before trading in your clubs and balls for sticks and pucks. If you’re lucky enough to experience the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club in autumn, you’re not only in for a spectacular game on iconic fairways but have the chance to witness a palette of yellow, orange and hazel sweep over the course perimeter.

As the golden hues of autumn cast their enchanting spell on the Lodge, there’s a serene and picturesque activity that allows you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty before winter takes hold – canoeing on the pristine waters of our stunning Lac Beauvert. Seize the opportunity to embark on one last canoeing adventure. Whether you’re seeking a serene solo journey or a romantic paddle with a partner, canoeing in the crisp autumn air will undoubtedly become a cherished memory that lingers long after the leaves have fallen.

A woman canoeing during sunrise on Lac Beauvert with mountains in the background at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Wonderfully Wild

In the fall, Jasper National Park undergoes a breathtaking transformation and the diverse array of wildlife adapt to the changing seasons. Among the most iconic inhabitants are the majestic elk, whose haunting bugles echo through the valleys during the rutting season, creating an unforgettable autumn soundtrack. Grizzly and black bears actively forage to prepare for hibernation, while mountain goats gracefully navigate the rugged terrain. Keep your eyes to the sky you might just have some luck at birdwatching. Bald eagles and golden eagles soar against the backdrop of golden trees and blue skies. Autumn is an excellent opportunity to encounter one of the park’s most elusive residents: the moose. Their massive bodies and imposing antlers are often seen grazing along the road to Magline Lake. We have a harmonious coexistence with the wildlife, and it adds a unique kind of magic to the autumn experience in Jasper National Park.

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